Philip Van Scotter is a songwriter, filmmaker, and actor.  He is a self-taught musician who creates original music for theater and film.  His self-produced film projects explore the art of silent cinema—a playground for physical comedy and storytelling punctuated by a potpourri of music.  Over the years he has fronted rock bands, acted in stage plays, and has served as musical director for ensemble-created theater productions.

Also, he is also an astrologer focusing on the Western modality and studying the planets as evolutionary indicators, or, 'activators' of personal and collective processes.  If anything, he sees this ancient science as a tool for self-awareness, and, as a way to navigate the complex waters of our quickly changing world.

Phil has been practicing yoga for the past 25 years.  Other interests include the I-Ching, UFOlogy, and the exiting unfolding of our true Earth history; new revelations and discoveries are emerging at a rapid-fire pace as we enter a new decade of transformation and co-creating our collective future.